Request Access

This page describes how to request access to the various group sites for Windward Harbour.

  • If you mouse over the “Request Access” menu on the top and click on the category you’d like access for, you can easily send an email to request access. Additionally, you can click on one of the following links to request access. Please ensure you mention your unit number in the email:
    1. As an owner:
    2. As a board member:
    3. As a tenant:
  • The sign-up process proceeds as follows:
    1. Click on one of the links above, which will take you via your default email client to send an email to the Windward Harbour Webmaster.
    2. Within 24/48 hours, the Windward Harbour Webmaster will initiate an invitation email to the email address from which you sent the access request email in step 1 above.
    3. Click on the button in the invitation email from WordPress that says “Accept Invitation”
    4. Depending upon whether or not you already have a WordPress account:
      • If you have a WordPress account: You’re subscribed to the page you requested access to! All Done!
      • If you don’t already have a WordPress account: You will need to follow the prompts to create a WordPress account. Don’t worry, this account will be more useful than the one you might have created for: the Associa website, or that shopping website you never visit anymore.
    5. If you didn’t already have a WordPress account and just finished creating one, go back to the invitation email and click on “Accept Invitation” again to finish subscribing to the page.
    6. All done! Feel free to browse the resources available at the new site that you have access to. If you ever forget how to get to it, just go to, put your mouse over “Homes” and click to the appropriate site.